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Make the most of your school site and Outdoor Learning

The Outdoor Learning Cards activities contribute directly to a wide range of educational and development aims for young people and cover four elements of Outdoor Learning that can be delivered on a school/youth club site and surrounding environment:

Orienteering - developing good map reading skills
Team Building and Problem Solving - how to challenge your young people
Bouldering - Use of low level climbing walls
Journeying - Local visits organised by young people

The Cards are supported by a Handbook and CD that provide detailed information on all aspects of activity delivery. All key elements for succcessful delivery
are explored further in the 6 hour training course.

A hot chocolate!
A hot chocolate! - View on Flickr
Bouldering Walls -
Bouldering Walls - - View on Flickr
Camping on a school site
Camping on a school site - View on Flickr
Shelters - View on Flickr
Simple shelters
Simple shelters - View on Flickr
Making a hot drink
Making a hot drink - View on Flickr
Is it alight?
Is it alight? - View on Flickr
Stoves and Outdoor Learning
Stoves and Outdoor Learning - View on Flickr

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