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Do you lead visits or help with school visits - then this course is for you

This is a practical course for all school staff but especially for staff leading visits.
Most OEAP members offer this course - either as an open course or a bespoke course for your school

If you cant find a local trainer, please contact the OEAP and we will ensure that we find a trainer for your school

Scope of the scheme:
The training is offered in two parts. Part one is classroom based and looks at effective planning for a visit. Part two is a practical session looking at the skills that you need when leading a group outside. Training courses can either be Part one or a whole course of both parts.

Visit Leader Training is focused on active risk assessment and group management on educational visits and off-site activities
It is a OEAP certificated course transferable between employers.
The course covers the identification of relevant significant hazards and the importance of placing of successful control measures including supervision and group management strategies
The course is offered in support of the leader's role in educational visits and off-site activities. It remains the role of the employer (e.g. head of establishment, senior youth worker or educational visit coordinator) to determine the leader's suitability and competence to undertake a leadership role on any particular visit or venture.

The course is not : EVC training.
It is not a substitute for activity or terrain specific training provided by a sports national governing body or employer.
The scheme provides practical training in leading groups out of doors. It does not take the place of LA briefings / training on the management of educational visits although these may be included in this training.

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Course NameTrainerRegion

Wednesday - 31 Jan 2018

report.png VLT - ANorberto FusiEast

Wednesday - 7 Feb 2018

report.png VLT - DaySarah AtkinsMidlands

Thursday - 22 Feb 2018

report.png VLT - ANorberto FusiEast
report.png VLT - AWill MannersScotland

Friday - 16 Mar 2018

report.png VLT - DayJoanna BarnettMidlands

Tuesday - 20 Mar 2018

report.png VLT - ANorberto FusiEast

Wednesday - 21 Mar 2018

report.png VLT - AJoanna BarnettMidlands

Monday - 16 Apr 2018

report.png VLT - AJoanna BarnettMidlands

Wednesday - 9 May 2018

report.png VLT - DayMatthew EllisNorth West

Wednesday - 6 Jun 2018

report.png VLT - AWill MannersScotland